Maerk Line and OOCL Disposed Hazardous Waste in River of Belawan North Sumatera Indonesia

KopiOnline Medan,- After two weeks conducting coordination and socialization meetings with all related government agencies in the Medan Belawan District area, a Monitoring and Evaluation Team for Environmental Damage and Pollution controller in the Medan Belawan District Area was formed, consisting of : The Environmental Service Prop. North Sumatra, Belawan Lantamal I, Belawan Harbor Regional Police, Belawan Marines, Belawan Port Authority, Belawan Kajari, Belawan POMAL, Belawan Police Sector, Belawan Koramil and Belawan Medan District government, which aims to maximize environmental oversight in North Sumatra, especially in Medan Belawan District and all the activity was fully supported by the military, police, sub-district government and the Belawan Community and since have been facilitated, therefore on 18-21 sept 2019, direct on field monitoring and evaluation carried out on a number of companies operating around the port of Belawan, which included PT. Anugrah Indo Maritim Sejahtera (AIMS), PT. Citra Perdana Kontainer (CPK), PT. Intrako Agro Industri, PT. Sarana Baja Perkasa (SBP), PT. Waruna, PT. Intercon Terminal Indonesia and PT. Pancaran Jati Nusa (PJN).


From the activities, there have been found a lot of irregularities, violations and waste disposal that did not go through the process as it should (Wastewater Treatment Plant License ) as well as the existence of a very worrying level of pollution that could disrupt the survival of living creatures in the vicinity.

One of the very disturbing findings is the presence of chemical residues that are suspected to be very highly toxic and dangerous are found inside the containers and around containers washing area which happened on spot while the containers depot’s team was carrying out containers washing activities, the process washing in the field for two branded shipping companies named “MAERSK LINE” and “OOCL” and further inspection, investigation and evaluation, team have find out and get information that said two branded shipping company have contract agreement, cooperation and appointed depot containers management PT. Iintercon Terminal Indonesia located Jalan Pelabuhan gang Pos II, No.VI, Bagan Deli, Belawan, North Sumatra, Indonesia in the form of disposal of waste (Hazardous and waterwaste) in their Depot Containers.

Depot Container Management PT. Intercon Terminal Indonesia Belawan itself after being deep investigation by Environmental Investigators Prop. North Sumatra, does not have any complete environmental documents or permits, such like Environment Impact Assessment License (AMDAL), as well as don’t have any cooperation with appointed vendors in handling hazardous and wastewater (B3), is known to work together with both branded shipping lines : MAERSK LINE and OOCL, which incidentally found are listed as shipping companies that are very concerned with the environment and always support programs “GO GREEN” and subject to applicable laws in any ports or any countries where their ships and asset located, it is known that said activities has been carried out for such a long period and feared suspect that there will be a lot enough pollutions harm to the environment’s around from every activity carried out.

The review activity was carried out by a team that consisting of : Head of Environmental Pollution North Sumatra Province, Danramil, Lantanal Personnel, Sectoral Personnel, Navy militer (POMAL) Personnel, District Government, Kelurahan and facilitated by local residents. Kop/Jls.

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